Blue Tongue Management
Blue Tongue Management is a music industry business overseeing band management, artist management, consultancy, website design and social media, tour and event booking, tour management and logistics for Australian and international independent artists.

Current music and business consultancy and online development clients include indigenous record label Deadly Records, Indigenous education and entertainment troupe Koomurri and Aboriginal Incursions, Musicians Kevin BorichCraig ThomsonMark Evans and Darren Jack 

​Developed in 2013 Australian Music Business Manual is an independent, online self management and artist development program that supplies everything Australian musicians and managers require to run and promote smart, cost effective music business. Manage Your Own Band and Independent Record Label in a box.

Our other business is the design development of high end CMS Websites, Online Stores and SEO work. Our art team also designs quality Logo's. 

Professional services include:-

    Small Business Infrastructure for Musicians and Managers

    Branding, Marketing, Collecting and Engaging Fans

    Record Release and Distribution Consultation.

    Performer Management Consultancy

    Tour Management and Logistics.

    Social Media and Web Design.
Harmonic Generator
The Angels Band / The Angels .  Ian Moss . Don Walker . Mark Evans (AC/DC / Heaven) . Kevin Borich . 
Bonney Read . The Poor . Ray Beadle . The Deep End  . Adrian Belew (USA) . Harmonic Generator (France) 
Buffalo (Revisited) . The Screaming Jets . The Radiators . The Bondi Cigars . The Backsliders . Chris Finnen .
Darren Jack . Chris E Thomas . Jenny Marie Lang . Raise The Flag . Shadow Thieves . Phycho Zydeco . The Bondi Cigars  .
Chris E Thomas . GangAwry . Sam Joole . Borne . Lil Fi & The Delta Rhythm Kings . Enacio . The Brewster Brothers .
The Butterfly Effect . Steve Balbi . Moonshine Jug & String Band . Mitch Grainger . Kara Grainger . The Lowdown . Mi-Sex
Bon Scott Celebration Concert . Walgett Shire Council . Brisbane Bicycle Grand Prix  .The Snowy Ride
Thredbo Alpine Hotel . Marburg Oktober Fest . Carlton United Brewery (Sydney 2000 Olymiad) . Lightning Ridge Carnivale
BushFire Blues Concerts 2003 NSW & SA . Harbour View Hotel (The Rocks) SydRock . Newman Bike Show (WA)
Past and Present Clients Include
Music Business