Aboriginal Incursions and Art Workshops

William Barton, Australia Day 2023 | Sydney Opera House
Aboriginal Incursions - Yuin Totem
Kuma Kaaru aboriginal Incursions
Didgeridoo Master on Wurundjeri Country | Melbourne
Perth aboriginal art workshops
Teaching Aboriginal Culture
Peramangk Cultural Immersion - Adelaide Hills
International Incursions
Gadigal Country Smoking Ceremony Sydney Harbour
Songman Cecil McLeod
Aboriginal workshops Noongar Perth
art workshops for schools
Indigenous Incursions Sydney
Aboriginal Cultural Immersions - on Gadigal
Pre School Cultural Immersions
Aboriginal art workshops
Aboriginal Incursions on Gadigal
William Barton, Sienna and Krystal Dawson | Sydney Opera House
Aboriginal Cultural Immersions - Sydney Opera House

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this website contains images or names of people who have since passed away.

First Nations Culture Presented on Gadigal

Empower Aboriginal Women and Youth in 2024

Teaching and performing Culture on Kaurna Country

Kuma Kaaru (One Blood) Cultural Troupe - Adelaide

Didgeridoo Master - Ganga Giri on Wurundjeri Country

Book Didgeridoo masters Australia-wide, Contact Blue Tongue


Bev is a Yamatji artist from the Murchison River who has lived in Perth her whole life and loves teaching her art workshops in Noongar Country

Aboriginal Art Workshops Australia-wide

Learn about Australian Aboriginal culture in school or office with our aboriginal cultural Immersions.

Cultural Education Programs
Peramangk Culture - The Adelaide Hills

Peramangk is the language of the Mount Barker region. It lies east of the Kaurna language and west of Ngarrindjeri


Blue Tongue toured the Koomurri troupe to Malta, Cyprus, Austria and Hungary 2017

Weltmuseum Wien Grand Reopening
Vienna Austria October 2017

Smoking Ceremony is an ancient healing and cleansing, Book Your Smoking Ceremony

Indigenous Cultural Immersions

Any Place
For any occasion


In respect to the great Yuin Songman Cecil McLEOD. Now with his ancestors the Umbarra Dreaming (Black Duck Totem)

Traditional Song-Man
Brent Matters - Yidaki (Didgeridoo), Smoking ceremony and Welcome To Country - Noongar Country - Perth
School Performance & Workshops

Australia Wide

World Class Media Events

Australia Day / Survival Day - Barangaroo Sydney 2017


Blue Tongue worked with Koomurri Dance Troupe 2006 to 2023

Photo Compliments Joseph Mayers

Koomurri Women and Men 2018 NAIDOC Awards
Pre-School Aboriginal Immersions
International Schools

Blue Tongue represented aboriginal culture on Australia Day / Survival Day with the DPC NSW 2017 to 2023.

Morning Ceremony - Barangaroo Sydney - The East Coast Sunrise People
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Kaurna Yerta Country

The Adelaide Plains is located in Kaurna Yerta (meaning Country) and the Peramangk people are the custodians of the Mount Barker region in the Adelaide hills.

Turrbal and Yuggera

Brisbane is home to the Turrbal and Yuggera peoples while the Gold Coast traditional owners ar the Yugambeh people. Kabi Kabi peoples and the Jinibara peoples belong to the Sunshine Coast.

Eora and Yuin Nations

The Eora Nation and Dhurag people are custodians of the Greater Sydney region with Gadigal people custodians of Sydney city and central Sydney Harbour. The Yuin people are caretakers running down the soiuth coast of NSW

Wurundjeri Woi Warrung Country

The Wurundjeri people are custodians of the Melbourne. The Wadawurrung live in the regions near Melboune down to Geelong along the penisula

Booking Your Immersion Has Duel Impact

Every cultural Immersion booked helps us deliver on our purpose. You are not only buying an amazing experience; you are helping to increase the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economy and create jobs.

Your investment of learning from and engaging our aboriginal facilitators helps you foster students and a workforce that is culturally adept, inclusive, and reflective of the rich diversity of Australia's heritage.